“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…” Does America currently represent this?

What is social injustice?

Social Injustice: is when there are seen and unseen unfair practices within a society that promote inequality and hinder social advancement.

I went to the dentist some time ago because I had such a major pain in my tooth. I tried a lot of pain relievers that made me feel better momentarily but the pain continued to return. The dentist was able to identify the problem of the pain which required a root canal. After the root canal, I felt amazing and was able to eat properly again without the fear of the pain returning.

Our society today is a direct result of our country’s actions yesterday (past history). What we did and did not do yesterday directly affects or social atmosphere today. We have many pains that are the result of some deeper issues that need to be addressed. If not addressed, the pain will continue to surface over and over again. Our country is riddled with a very inconsistent history. It is inconsistent with what it Declares that it stands for but fail to actually live completely up to it. Who’s responsible for upholding these sacred truths? Who’s responsible for not completely living up to it? YOU ARE!! I AM!

There are many nonviolent movements happening across our country today. There is a movement that is happening today, that I believe is solely responsible for the birth of these other nonviolent movements and protests. That movement is the Social Injustice Movement. I finally realized who was responsible for this social injustice movement that was happening and has been happening for years in our country. A movement that promotes inequality and disharmony among those who live within its borders. ALL citizens within that society are responsible. We are responsible for allowing this system of inequality to begin and continue. Social Injustice affects the very society we live in. That society is the United States of America for me. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” Martin Luther King Jr.  I am solely responsible for upholding and living out the truths that govern our society!! I am responsible for standing up against anything that keep those truths from being carried out.

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