This is my family. I’ve never posted them here. We’ve had some hard conversions throughout their young lives, but telling them about George Floyd this week was the most difficult. Maybe because of their color, maybe because there have been too many stories of such gross injustice. One is too many. Maybe it was difficult because it’s just plain evil and it’s in this mama heart to want to shield them from the evil that judges one life less valuable. The response was mostly to say it doesn’t make sense. They’re right. The youngest one said it wasn’t fair. He’s right. I hope it never makes sense to them. I hope it never becomes fair to any of us. And we do have a responsibility to teach them and give them understanding of the history and the different dynamics that play into a deeply entrenched, wicked mess.

AND we’re responsible to teach them to become part of the solution   AND to do it in love, regardless of what drives others or what they feel. It’s a difficult deal, but decidedly easier for them than us. Dr. King’s words have echoed in my heart all week. Hate IS too great a burden to bear.

Love you all. Do your best to stand every chance you get…speak truth, offer help, face yourself and address the things that stop you from being an ally. But by all means, do something. Work is good for grief. And if we do nothing, nothing will change.

Love, Gwen

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