Meet our New Way Revolution Advocates. New Way Advocates are those that have chosen to come along side us in our mission for true change. They have chosen to help advance our mission and support progress to reach those that are in need, all leading towards building The Beloved Community. Our Advocates know, that building healthy communities will aid in addressing unhealthy issues in our daily lives, like bullying, drug abuse, racism, class room management, school drop out, Juvenile detention, recidivism, school to prison pipeline, employee morale, as well as, depression. All these issues we believe are symptoms of a deeper issue that are driven by a disconnect of true community.

Meet Chef Collins Woods. Collins is the executive chef of Camp Southern Ground. He is a graduate of the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) and studied culinary arts at Johnson + Wales – Charlotte.

Collins served as personal chef to the family of Zack Brown for seven years and has spent the last three years heading up the cuisine for Camp Southern Ground. His culinary style infuses his southern roots with a wide scope of ability. Currently Woods is focused on a holistic, anti-inflammatory lifestyle and his recipes reflect as such.

Meet Doug Fulton. Doug is Mortgage Loan Office for Denver, Colorado based Spire Financial. Doug loves doing life big with his family. Doug’s heart is demonstrated in his giving to those that are need.

Meet Lisa Raleigh, PhD. Lisa is an Independent Consultant. Lisa has a fiery personality that ignites life in any place of business that she occupies. She gives herself to service because she was born to do so. Service seem to be laborious for many but comes very natural for Lisa. She is worth meeting. You will not be disappointed.

Meet Becca Armstrong, Executive Director for Something New. Becca, lives for moments that define love. She serves with the sole purpose of loving the unlovable and serving all in need. Becca is vegan-ish and a lover of ice cream.