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Tough Conversations

To be honest, during these times I continue to go back to the training we went through.   Reflecting back on our training, I did not know what to expect at first. To be honest, I was nervous it was going to be like many other trainings I have gone through. HOWEVER, it was not like any … Continue reading Tough Conversations

“If We Do Nothing. Nothing Will Change”

This is my family. I’ve never posted them here. We’ve had some hard conversions throughout their young lives, but telling them about George Floyd this week was the most difficult. Maybe because of their color, maybe because there have been too many stories of such gross injustice. One is too many. Maybe it was difficult … Continue reading “If We Do Nothing. Nothing Will Change”

Change is not Conventional nor Convenient

I have not been able to rest after seeing George Floyd be murdered on camera by Minneapolis policemen. I watched a fifteen minute clip of these men murder him without mercy or compassion. These officers were comfortable and did not show any degree of compassion towards a man and citizen they had sworn to protect. … Continue reading Change is not Conventional nor Convenient

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Social Injustice

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…” Does America currently represent this? What is social injustice? Social Injustice: is when there are seen and unseen unfair practices within a society that promote inequality and hinder social advancement. I went to the dentist some time ago because I had such … Continue reading Social Injustice