Gwen Brown – Public Relations Director/Trainer

Gwen has been blessed greatly to have coaches, mentors and parents that framed her world with limitless possibility.  That paved the way for HER to blaze new trails in breaking gender barriers and crossing cultural norms. Gwen was the first girl to letter in Colorado high school football and she was not a kicker. She went on to get her Bachelor Degree from Western State Colorado University. She was the first female announcer in college and later worked for Fox Sports Network. Gwen was inspired beyond what she could have image while on a civil rights pilgrimage through the south in 2006. That inspiration lead her to Selma, where she worked with community leaders, pastors, educators and politicians to help support the building of a better community for the next generation. Gwen’s work lead her to a Nonviolent Leadership training by one of Dr. King’s coworkers in the civil rights movement, Dr. Bernard Lafayette Jr. Gwen was trained by “Doc” and now she helps lead and facilitate training all across the country with New Way. This is where the rummer met the road of racial injustice and systemic racism embedded not in a city but a country. She begin to dedicate her life to the work of tearing down what has been built up by hate. She is truly a “workaholic” for justice.

Ronald Smith – New Way Founder/Managing Director
Ronald was born and raised in historic Selma, Alabama. Growing up in the rural south, Ronald spent his childhood in the town that was the center stage for the Civil Rights Movement in the sixties. From a young age, Ronald showed promise as a basketball player and he played his way out of the small town of Selma to play with the Los Angeles Lakers summer league and to play overseas with other American basketball stars. Today, he mentors and trains young men and women of all backgrounds in conflict reconciliation and cultivating leadership. He believes the principles of nonviolence are a key to transforming young people’s minds and empowering them to make a positive change in their communities.

Since 2005 Ronald has been on the front line standing against systemic racism through organized protest and strategic planning. Teaching and training white america not to see violent acts of hate as “isolated incidence” but as the results of a system built on hate and white superiority. Ronald roots and training to address these issues are from civil rights leaders Bernard Lafayette jr, C.T. Vivian and the late Dr. F.D. Reese and Jimmy Webb.

Ronald has facilitated and organized hundreds of training’s for college students, civic organizations and businesses on racial reconciliation and education. Ronald is a dynamic speaker and has shared the stage with Congressman John Lewis and Vice President Joe Biden in Selma, Alabama during the commemoration of “Bloody Sunday”. Ronald has experienced personal transformations from the Lord. His life experiences giving him the ability to teach about nonviolent social transformation and reconciliation which is powered by love. Ronald is adamant about building what Dr. King referred to as The Beloved Community through the teachings and methods of New Way Revolution Training.

Our goal is to create a beloved community,” said Dr. King, “and this will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives.
Dr. Martin L. King Jr.
This quote by Dr. King is one of His driving motivators to see the realization of the Beloved Community and change. This change will not come without challenges. Challenging the systems of hate and oppression.